We Do Lockdown by Miriam Elia


In this artist's edition of the latest Dung Beetle Books title launching Series 2a from artist Miriam Elia, in ‘We do Lockdown’ Mummy, John and Susan go through an indefinite period of self-isolation during lockdown.

In this solitary time, the children will be forcibly adapted to the ‘new normal’, where a joyless existence is heroically embraced to save humanity. The children will come to have no real-life friends, no education, and conditioned to see their peers as portable germ vessels.

Price includes delivery.

Published by Dung Beetle Books Ltd on high quality Nautilus paper, October 2020, 46 pages, 116 x 177mm.

Publisher: Dung Beetle Books Ltd
ISBN: 9780992834920
Number of pages: 1
Dimensions: 177 x 116 mm

£25.00 GBP

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