Goldie Williams' Mugshot - 1898, Greeting Card


Goldie Williams was a rebellious woman arrested for vagrancy in Nebraska, 1989. She refused to unfold her arms and stop making this face for her 1898 mugshot. Goldie listed her occupation as a prostitute. But the crime of vagrancy was what caught her, a catchall that gave police virtually unlimited powers to arrest anyone in their line of vision. - Flashbak

These greetings cards are printed on high-quality 330gsm Fedrigoni card.



Gorgeous high-quality greeting cards for any and every occasion. We've birthday cards, Christmas cards, cards for love and cards that simply say 'I'm thinking of you'.


Printed on high-quality 330 GSM Fedrigoni card

Symbol gloss

Gloss UV varnished

FSC certified


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