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Withered Tree Bearing Apples Labelled with Sins Representing the Life of Sin - c. 1870

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A withered tree bearing apples labelled with sins; representing the life of sin - c. 1870, after J. Bakewell.

"The tree of death. But a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. St Mat. VII. 17. Cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground? St Luke XII. 7 ..."


At the base of the tree is written "Unbelief"; on the trunk, "Pride Selfwill". The tree divides into three main branches, 1. "Lust of the flesh", 2. "Pride of life" and 3. "Lust of the eye". Beginning from the bottom, each branch treated separately: 1: "Lasciviousness. Fornication. Drunkenness. Adultery. Anger. Idleness. Incest." 2 [divided into two branches; left:]: "Cursing. Vain glory. Despising good men. Scoffing at religion. Boasting. Denying the Lord. Blasphemy. Lying. Murder. [Second branch:] Swearing. Self love. Blasphemy. Backbiting. Deism. Hatred." 3: "Mistrust. Love of pleasure. Love of the world. Love of money. Envy. Deceit. Theft. Extortion." In the lightning above: "Wrath".


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